Omaha nonprofit plans to launch mobile hygiene service

Good News Notes:

Tuesday kicks off the start of Share Omaha’s ‘Do Good Days’.

The three-day event looks to encourage community members to support local nonprofits.

One of those nonprofits, Aspire of Life Inc, has a big project in the works. The nonprofit is planning to build a mobile hygiene unit: a trailer equipped with showers, restrooms, and a space to do laundry.

Arielle Nichols is experiencing homelessness and she knows having access to a shower isn’t always possible.

“You get irritated. Your skin is very itchy and you’re sweaty and you stay that way. Unless you can find somebody that’s willing to let you take a shower,” says Nichols.

That’s why Aspire of Life Inc is looking to help.

“The need is far greater than we could have imagined. Being clean is a basic human right and not having access to that is just wrong,” says the Director of Development for the nonprofit, Kc Fiala.

This will be the first mobile hygiene service in Omaha.

“We’ll have people there doing haircuts. So they can take a shower, do their laundry and then we’ll provide a meal for them while they’re there,” says Fiala.

“It’s a great idea. Human kindness is sometimes the only thing we have. It really makes or breaks us. A lot of people wouldn’t survive without a little bit of human kindness,” says Nichols.

Right now Aspire of Life Inc is in the fundraising stages of the project. They’re getting cleared for permits from the city and they’re assessing what areas the trailer will visit.

The goal is to have the trailer ready to go by December….”

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