Chonky cat was about to be put down — until the vet rescued her

 Good News Notes: “Pitoe, a 4-year-old British shorthair with a crooked spine and a sweet face, was almost euthanized as a kitten, according to her owners. But after being adopted by her merciful veterinarian, Pitoe now lives the carefree life that should befall all cats.” View the whole story here:

Ben Simmons’ First 3-Pointer Leads to Reddit Donation Spree

Good News Notes: “He did it. Ben Simmons hit a regular season three-pointer on Wednesday night against the Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers fans are so happy, they’re donating their hard earned money to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.” “It all started with Sixers’ reddit member u/mikeb32 starting the thread pledging to donate to CHOP if…