Scooting Across the Country

Good News Notes:

A Segway is a fun way to spend some time.  It might be good for short trips but a cross-country trip?  That seems like an odd choice for such a trip but that’s Graham Pollard’s ride.  He is making his way across the United States from Yorktown, Virginia to Florence, Oregon.  

With an average of about 20 MPH he’s not out to break any records for speed.   What he is trying to do is raise money for a cause dear to his heart.  Followed by his two friends in a van for backup, Graham is out to help William Lawrence Summer Camp.  Though the camp is closed this year they need $250,000 to keep going in future summers.  

Graham has made it about 500 miles of the 4,000 so far.  He is working his way through Kentucky.  If you would like to help their cause you can find a link on the original story here.

View the whole story here:

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