An abandoned dog taken in by California firefighters is finally adopted by Miley Cyrus

Good News Notes:

An abandoned bulldog who captured the hearts of California firefighters has found a forever home with singer and actress Miley Cyrus.

When Daisy the bulldog showed up at the doorsteps of a

North Central Fire Protection District Station 58 in Fresno, California in late April, she was extremely dehydrated and skinny.

“The crews said she was covered in fleas and smelled really bad. You could tell she had been out wandering for quite a while,” Jacob McAfee, the station’s deputy fire chief, told CNN. “It was obvious that she was abandoned or a stray.”
No dog had ever come to the fire station seeking help before, so the crew waited for the stray to leave. But Daisy never left.
The bulldog camped out at the back of the station for about a week, sleeping on the doormat that leads right into the fire station. Although suffering from poor health, the dog made sure to greet the firefighters as they left for their calls.
“It was kind of fun … after a while every time they left on a call, the dog would run around to the front of the station where the fire engine pulls out and watch them leave for the call and follow us all around the station,” said McAfee.
Eventually, the firefighters realized they had to help their new friend find a home.
A relative of one of the captains at the station agreed to foster Daisy for a few months, but it became difficult to find the dog a permanent home with all the medical issues she faced. That’s when her journey led her to 

The Wagmor Hotel and Pet Spa in Los Angeles for adoption.”

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