New recyclable packaging concept for Feneberg’s minced meat: 36 tonnes of plastic per year saved

Good News Notes:

“Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH, a successful retail chain from Southern Germany, demonstrates in an impressive manner the opportunities that arise from questioning existing concepts and breaking new ground. This family business now uses an innovative packaging solution by Schur Flexibles for its self-service minced meat products by the Feneberg in-house butchers: the recyclable and sustainable flow-wrap MonoFlow(re) film. The results have been impressive: By switching from tray to flow wrap, the two companies have managed to save 70% of plastic.

The MonoFlow(re) PXC, classified as having ‘excellent recyclability’, is just one of the successful products developed as part of the Schur Flexibles rethink initiative. In collaboration with its customers, the packaging manufacturer rethinks existing solutions and replaces them with sustainable, holistic packaging concepts. The MonoFlow(re) PXC is a highly transparent, fully recyclable high-barrier PP flow-wrap film. It is ideal for sensitive products such as fresh meat but is also suitable for cheese or fresh pasta.

The final packaging is characterised by its lower weight and diminished use of plastic, while providing unrestricted performance: oxygen and water vapour barriers of different levels are possible, and with its wide sealing range, it can be processed efficiently and reliably on existing flow-wrap packaging lines. A masterly finish – using flexo, gravure or digital printing – ensures an eye-catching presentation at the point of sale.

This comprehensive concept also convinced the jury of the German Packaging Award 2020. MonoFlow(re) PXC won the much-coveted award in the sustainability category.”

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