Nonprofit FoodCycle LA makes sure excess donated food does not go to waste, using ChowMatch app to route food to those who need it

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“Food insecurity exploded during the pandemic. Many who had never been to a food bank, suddenly couldn’t survive without one. So then why is 40% of the food we produce just dumped in the trash?

“Back last March, both husband and wife lost their job on the same day. And they were in an absolute panic,” describes Lisa Skelley, the program director for Grace Diner.

The need was met with great generosity across the city, but that actually created a different challenge.

As food donation poured in, FoodCycle LA Director Nancy Beyda pointed out, “Some of the larger food banks were getting massive quantities of food. And they were actually not using the food that they were getting.”

When that happens, food goes to waste and often ends up in the landfill where it rots and produces large amounts of methane. In the U.S. alone, the production of lost or wasted food generates the equivalent of over 32 million cars’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Forty percent of food in the United States is getting thrown away. So we’re throwing away massive quantities of food, while there are all these people who are food insecure and hungry,” Beyda said.

Using an app called ChowMatchFoodCycle LA matches food donations to nonprofits who can use it that day.

This includes high end, perishable foods donated by stores like Whole Foods that are still good but can’t be sold because the food is near its expiration date. It’s food that if eaten soon, won’t go to waste.

James Phillips, an associate team leader at Whole Foods, explains why it’s important for his employer to participate

“We always want to make sure we can second use, and donate still good foods to our partners like FoodCycle LA, to make sure that we’re reducing anything that can go into the landfills and go into people’s hands,” Phillips said…..”

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