Daryush Parvinbenam Explains How Mindfulness Can Help Trauma Survivors

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“Mindfulness has been proven to have countless positive mental and physical effects on individuals of all backgrounds. Clinical psychotherapist Daryush Parvinbenam recently discussed how mindfulness can improve the lives of individuals dealing with varying kinds of trauma.

Trauma is a blanket term, because trauma can take many mental and physical forms. It can be caused by any number of circumstances ranging from childhood neglect and community violence to intense grief or a life-altering accident. Daryush Parvinbenam explained that mindfulness can help individuals deal with all types of trauma.

“Mindfulness can have many positive effects on the brain,” Daryush Parvinbenam said. “Scans of the brain have shown that mindfulness meditative acts have helped increase the amount of gray matter in the brain. This is the area of the brain that is linked to ‘fight or flight’ responses. It also helps control behaviors and emotions.”

Mindfulness meditation has been directly linked to calming worry and providing clearer paths of thinking. This allows individuals to more calmly handle memories associated with the trauma they’re battling. Daryush Parvinbenam explained that practicing mindfulness mediation doesn’t mean all thoughts of the trauma will disappear. This practice simply allows you to process information and memories more clearly.

“Being mindful involves remaining focused on the current moment and being nonjudgmental,” Parvinbenam said. “Meditation has long been one of the most popular ways to reach a state of mindfulness. Meditation creates connections in the brain that are able to create a sense of calm and awareness.”….

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