Med students rescue passenger mid-flight during medical emergency

Good News Notes:

Some heroes need a plane to fly.

Two med students jumped into action when a fellow passenger had a medical emergency midair on a flight to Greece. Thankfully, the young women were able to use their skills to get the situation under control.

The LSU Health Sciences Center recognized Heather Duplessis and Lauren Bagneris for their efforts. According to a post on the school’s Facebook page, the two women were on a plane to Greece when a call went out on the plane asking for medical professionals.

When none of the other passengers responded, the two students volunteered their services. According to the post, one of the other passengers had become light-headed and fell, likely due to overheating and having low blood sugar.

Duplessis and Bagneris not only provided assistance to their fellow passenger, they communicated with a doctor on the ground and provided important information about the passenger’s vitals.

A representative for the LSU Health Sciences Center confirmed to Fox News that it is very proud of Duplessis and Bangeris….”

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