New 60 acre solar energy park coming to Hopkins, creating jobs and helping local schools

Good News Notes:

The development of a 60 acre agricultural and solar energy park is coming to Hopkins that will not only bring jobs to the community, it will also enhance a horticultural program at a local school.

“This is a great day down here in Hopkins South Carolina,” says state representative and organizer, Jermaine Johnson.

Solar company Fusion Renewable and iSun a leading international energy firm announced Tuesday they will be breaking ground on a major solar energy park in Hopkins for the upcoming summer.

South Carolina representative Johnson said it’s much needed for this rural area.

“It is going to create 20 to 40 jobs in this community that is something we’ve never seen in this community,” says Johnson

This 15 million dollar investment includes greenhouses, solar farming and agrivoltaics producing up to 15 megawatts of solar energy to power more than 2,400 homes.

“Solar is the lowest cost of power ever in the history of humanity the savings that result from Solar will translate into every utility rate for a payer in this area,” says Daniel Dus, President, iSun energy.

Representative Johnson stressed the importance of striving to keep the rural character of Hopkins as this project begins.

“We want to be able to see other farming opportunities in this area that will discourage these big cookie cutter homes from coming here we are going to fight to keep our community the way we love it,” says Johnson.

Students at Hopkins Middle are directly across the street from where the site will be and will have greenhouses producing fruits and vegetables for the community all while teaching them about agriculture….”

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