SC university opens new center to serve veterans

Good News Notes:

An old dorm room now has a new purpose: serving veterans at Southern Wesleyan University.

“(It says) ‘hey, you are a veteran and here you are wanted’ at the school — not just an outcast or feel like an outcast because that’s how I felt a little bit when I first got back,” said Geoffrey Webb, a student and Army veteran.

The new Warriors CARE Centerwill be open 24/7 to students who are veterans or active duty military, plus their families and alumni who also served.

“We didn’t have, at the time I was here, didn’t have any place like this. So we would meet at the library or something — so this is awesome,” said Sherry Harris, an alumna veteran.

They call it the ‘CARE’ center.

It stands for:

Courage, Academic Success, Respect and Empowerment.

The center will host programs for veterans to help with jobs, health care and life skills, like personal finance.

“It gives me a good feeling inside. Not in a self-absorbed way, but in a way that makes me feel like — even though I didn’t serve personally- that I’m giving something back,” said Donna Pittman, coordinator at the new Warriors CARE Center.

The renovation and new programs were made possible by a federal grant for nearly half a million dollars….”

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