No sun or soil: Local farm uses technology to grow sustainable produce

Good News Notes:

A local farm leads the way in growing sustainable produce seen on store shelves.

Robots control the operations at 80 Acres Farms in Hamilton.

“I really do believe this is something different,” Noah Zelkind, Director of Business Development said. “Here we grow food and we grow really healthy food sustainability.”

The 70,000 square foot tech-centric farm is indoors, and it doesn’t need sun, soil, or favorable weather to grow perfect leafy greens.

Robots are doing the heavy lifting, so employees can focus on growing fresh, nutritious food.

“We have a bunch of different varieties that we grow here inside the grow space and every single row or layer in the grow space has its own climate that we try to perfect for each one of these varieties,” Noah Morris, a maintenance technician said.

The farm uses 97% less water, and produce is 100% pesticide-free.

It’s because of their AI technology that allows the farm to grow 300 times more food, while using less than 1% of the land….”

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